OX Portal

The user’s personal dashboard.

A user-configurable widget-based portal

Configurability and extendibility with customer-specific functions and advertising

Viewing of the email inbox, appointments, tasks, and files

OX Mail

OX App Suite comes with a clear and intuitive email application.

A unified inbox, importing social and business accounts into one view

Folders and tabbed inbox to organize emails

Feature-rich sorting, searching, and flagging

Attachment view for a quick overview of all received and sent email attachments

A mobile app for iOS and Android


OX Contacts

Centralized contact management.

Shared and public address books with full permission control

Automatic contact-gathering

Synchronization with other devices and native contact lists (such as cell phones’)

Shared/private mailing lists and appointments accessible directly from contacts

OX Calendar

Scheduling for business and private life.

Personal, shared, and public calendars

Resource management (for conference lines, cars, etc.)

A meeting scheduler for teams and groups

Time-zone integration and visualization

Scheduling on behalf of others


OX Tasks

No-hassle time management.

Scheduling and creation of tasks

Creation of multi-user tasks and delegation

A progress overview

To-do lists

OX Drive

File Storage and Cloud Collaboration

Access, store, synchronize and share documents, pictures, music and videos on any device

OX Drive Client for Mac, PC and mobile devices (Android/iOS)


OX Documents

Creation and collaboration made easy

Create and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations with OX Documents.

Bring your ideas to life, collaborate with others in real-time and share the results to produce outstanding documents.

Share documents and present slides remotely

Real-time collaboration with other users